At Yamjam, we encourage close relationships with our clients, helping them to translate their ideas into engaging food and drink experiences. We are responsive rather than reactive to clients input and use the knowledge and skill of everyone involved to achieve innovative design solutions. We share our design thinking at every stage and always discuss our rationale for our decisions. Take a look through our portfolio showing examples of our design, approach, skill and practice.

Yamjam is an international design studio based in Dubai that delivers a multidisciplinary approach to F&B design. 

Our services include: Strategy / Brand Design / Concept / Interior Design

Julian Peter Floyd

Julian is the founder and leader of Yamjam, launching the studio in 2013. With over 15 years in professional practice with experience in Europe and the Middle East, Julian has the conceptual, strategic and operational experience to produce successful and creatively challenging world-class projects.

Mobile: 00971 56 344 9211

Katie Jane Smith

Katie is our Senior Interior Designer on the team with over 8 years’ experience in Europe and the Middle East. Katie’s practical and conceptual understanding of Interior design delivery is personal and professional, gaining the trust, confidence and respect that comes when working with a diverse project and client base.

Mobile: 00971 56 204  9558

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An interior multi discipline design studio based in the heart of Dubai that delivers a cohesive & inspires approach to F&B design.

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